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Do you want to drop a few pounds, forever?

Billions are spent on weight loss, diet pills, surgery bypass, meals replacement and more. Many people suffer years of deprivation, punishment, low self-esteem for pounds lost…BUT regained within an average of 10 months.

Stop the Dieting and work with a  FOOD COACH EXPERT

Gisele Sood is one of the leading Food Coach Experts who builds affordable, yet effective food coaching plans, custom recipes tailored to your palate and your health requirements, and 1-on-1 cooking sessions in your home, with you and your family.

With her proven methods, your family will experience the following:

  • Natural and healthy weight loss
  • Learn how to eat healthy
  • Learn about portion control
  • Learn how to naturally suppress cravings and binging
  • Take control of when you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat

The Gisele Sood Food Coach Program is based on introducing you to a diet full of whole food, nutritious ingredients and retraining your body and mind.

Feel Better and Live Better with the Food Coach Expert.

Recent Testimonials

  • My family started the program and we all learned a lot. The kids learned to make healthy choices instead of some of the poor choices they were making. This helped to give them more energy! My husband and I learned to cook more healthy options and use ingredients we had not used in the past. When we grocery shop, we avoid certain isles altogether and focus on the isles that provide vitality and health. We both lost weight and reduced our blood pressure and cholesterol. Every time I had a session with the food coach, I gained new information I haven't had before and am able to use this in our healthier lifestyle! I am excited to have more vitality and energy!

    Nicholas H.

  • Best investment I ever made. She helped me reorganize my diet to a more healthy one where I really feel the difference (Type 1 Diabetic for 36 years) She opened my mind up to new and healthy ways of looking at life. You get out of it what you put into it! If you want a difference in your life, you have to want it and do it! She helps you to invest in the most important thing you have, YOU! I could not recommend her program enough!!

    Doug Y.

  • My oncologist recommended me to consult with Gisele Sood because since I'm treated for ovarian cancer, I'm very limited into what I can eat. Gisele taught me how to cook very tasty and simple meals that make me feel good and give me energy. Gisele is such an amazing listener and very fun working with. I'm so much more confident now handling my cancer because she gave me lots of stress reduction tips and ways to become more positive.

    Michelle J.

  • I was diagnosed morbidly obese with a long list of chronic diseases. I tried all diets you could dream of. I would lose sometimes up to 20 pounds and binge after my diet or food delivery was over. Gisele gave me the tools on learning how to cope with emotional eating, replacing junk by nutritious food, and I feel like I’m 20 again. I’m losing weight every week, don’t feel hungry or restricted, and my energy level is peaking. Gisele taught me how to cook, trained me twice a week, gave me homework, and kept me on my toes so I learned to become accountable of what I really want to achieve in my life. Blessing to Gisele!

    Jeanie B.

  • Before I met Gisele, my workout experience had not been very effective. I worked out a lot without many results. Gisele's classes, training programs, and advice, have literally made me healthier, happier and stronger. There are many trainers out there and many gyms, but do they care if you get results? Do they care if you reach your goals? Because of Gisele’s classes, Knowledge & enthusiastic challenging personality, I have come a long way. You should see me now!

    Neehal W.