Coach Gisele

the-coach-gisele-soodBeing French, food has always been the centerpiece of Gisele’s family and community. She truly and naturally connects food with fun and playtime. Her passion for eating is always based upon choosing clean and whole ingredients boosting with nutrients combined with the PLEASURE of eating and taking the time to savor a meal. Through her travels over 13 countries, Gisele explored her passion for cooking multi-cultural dishes and flavors.

Since 2009, Gisele conducted various workshops and seminars on happiness and well-being. She shared tips and strategies on how to increase body and mind awareness, welcome change, learn to forgive, and invite unconditional love into our lives for deep healing. For years, Gisele has been conducting group “stress reduction” and meditation sessions out of her studio in Sanford. Since Gisele breathes and lives what she preaches, she attended various meditation seminars in India. For years, she researched the thinking system, separate realities, and the complex system of emotions.

Gisele is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in over 100 dietary theories, studied contemporary health issues as well as causes and effects on nutrition over health. She learned innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

As a Certified Instructor on “Living on Live Food”, she supports those who want to get immersed into a raw Food diet. Very versatile into cooking techniques (dehydrator, spiralizer, food processor, vitamix, pressure cooker, steamer, baking, etc…), she will orient you into the type of meals that will fit your lifestyle, health goals, time, budget, and palate.

Gisele offers individual and couple/family counseling where she will help you make healthier/wiser food changes, one at a time. Gisele will teach you how to cook, shop, design recipes, and coach you all along the way. Gisele is very competent into guiding you into a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, and optimal health goals.

To further assist her clients into integrating healthy lifestyle, Gisele is a Certified Fitness Trainer from NPTI and is Certified First Aid by the American Red Cross.

Gisele’s goal is to inspire you into learning to love food once again, without guilt, eating till you are satisfied and feel radiant all day. Food is healing, energy, vitality, and balance. Her greatest happiness is when her clients report on how the qualities of their lives have drastically change and how their personal lives are more fulfilling since they met Gisele

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Food Matters and I am what I eat! Are you?

Love yourself and remember, “the one who will not find the time for his health, will have to find the time for illness”.

Make your health and well being your priorities,

With Love and Care, Gisele