Cooking Demos

Gisele has been “Cooking on Live Shows” to demonstrate to the audience that cooking healthy is accessible to everyone.

During each demonstration, Gisele highlights the importance of selecting wholesome ingredients, explains the impact on food to our body and emotions, demonstrates how to use various cooking equipment, provides recipes and handouts, and is always available at the end of the show for any questions someone may have.


Gisele has been cooking at health stores (Earth origins and the Farmer’s Market) to give ideas to customers on how to use ingredients they see at the store, but are not sure how to use them. Lots of superfood or unsusual food items are under-utilize and stay on people’s counter after purchase. Gisele also provides lots of ways to use items from the bulk stations (all nuts, peas, beans), show easy to reproduce cooking skills, and use local and sustainable food.

Gisele has been cooking at “Common Ground farm” where she showed farm’s members the many usages of 1 vegetable that is in season. For instance, a member may receive each week, 2 pounds of kale, 2 red beets, 1 bag full of mixed greens, and 5 zucchini. Gisele provides plenty of diverse meal ideas to consume those produce , whether fresh, pickled, frozen, dehydrated ,etc…


Gisele has been cooking at Doctors’ offices where she talked about the healing power of some food, how to prepare them, opening their minds to taste something they are not used to

Gisele has been cooking for her clients enrolled in her wellness programs, various private parties to entertain and learn, companies to empower their employees, and various health fairs.

Contact us now if you like to book a cooking demonstration.

HOST A COOKING PARTY with Gisele Sood – Food Coach

Invite your friends/employees/family/clients and let’s sear up the atmosphere to cook nutritious and delicious meals together.
Those demos are modified/custom created to accommodate setting in a corporation, someone house, a country club, etc.

Say goodbye to all those fast food and convenience meals loaded with saturated /trans fats, sodium, and refine sugars. Gisele will come to your place to discuss and demo:
• Importance of picking the right ingredients
• Demonstrate simple cooking techniques and time savings tips
• Will cook balanced and wholesome meals, rich in nutrients and fibers.
• We will then sit, enjoy our meals, and share the experience

If you are concerned about the growing rate of obesity and all of today’s chronic diseases, you will directly contribute on improving your friends’ health by hosting a Cooking Party. It’s a fun way to spread the word that good nutrition is indeed possible.

Pick your “Theme Meal”:

➢ CLEAN eating and nutritious
➢ Vegetarian meals ideas
➢ Gluten or lactose free meals
➢ Dinners in minutes
➢ Impressive Hors-D’euvres
➢ E-Zy pack Lunches
➢ Various snacks from savory to sweet
➢ weight loss meals and tricks
➢ Healthy desserts
➢ And more

What is provided for the party:

• Customized party invitation (electronic)
• Reminder for party invitation (1 week before)
• Cooking utensils
• Spices, herbs, condiments, cutlery, plates, cups
• Dry groceries and fresh produces

How it works:

• Prep time for me up to 45 min before the party
• Plan 2 to 3 hours for the event

Your gift as the hostess:

• Your completely free meals
• 60 minutes free health consultation (can be used for any service offered)
• List of healthy recipes
• Electronic pictures of the event

Price per participant:

Depending on market price of fresh produces – $48 to $65 per person for private parties.
Prices varies depending on location, number of participants, and dishes prepared.

Contact me now for a quote

Disclaimer: It is preferable to book your party 1 month in advance due to high demand while providing a rough count of attendees. Payment shall be made to me 7 business days before the party and are not refundable if the person cannot attend. Once you have chosen a date, I will e-mail you options for menus from which to choose for your party. A final count of attendees is required 5 business days prior to your event. Thank you