Gisele currently offers 4 main “health goals oriented” programs to either individuals or couples/families:

As a Food Coach Expert, Health Coach, chef, and Fitness Trainer, Gisele will help you achieve your Health Goals.

Gisele will help you navigate the world of contradictions nutrition advice and assist you to determine what adjustment are necessary for you to reach your optimal lifestyle, which ultimately brings you energy and balance, in both mind and body.

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Why shall I hire Gisele, the Food Coach?

Help you reach Your Goals (nutrition, meals management, energy, sleep, relationships,
fitness and overall lifestyle):


Goals Development Accountability
Step-by-step approach Achievements track-down

With a CUSTOMIZED solution especially designed for YOU

Analysis, Tracking down, and Reports

➢ Your “Integrative Health” analysis of all systems (hormonal, digestive, food allergies, toxins, cardiovascular, and overall health history)
➢ Your Physical Health improvements: from Body fat, strength, to stamina…
➢ Your Nutritional improvement: remove junk and process food – Adding delicious and nutritious food, whole grains, clean ingredients…
➢ Boost your metabolism and immune system
➢ Switch your “ON” button for self-motivation
➢ Cooking: Upgrade your cooking techniques skills, meals planning, make better choices

Nutritive Approach to Food:

Clean Alternatives for your favorite food Balance carbs, proteins, and fats
Control sugar and other cravings Develop long list of healthy snacks
Provide recipes/meals planning Discover new Foods, flavors, and satisfying meals

Manage your meals, from breakfast to Diner, depending on your activity, time, budget, cooking skills, and food likeness and intolerances.
Empowering food and spices to combat inflammation, cravings, emotional reactions
Habits enhancement in the way your eat (speed, place, time, volume, frequency)
➢ Find foods and meals satisfying your health needs (low GI, high fiber, anti-cancer, stabilizing blood sugar, giving you energy, strengthening your heart, sleeping better, etc…)
Incorporate more whole grains, variety of land/sea vegetables, beans, spices, herbs, condiments, fermented products, homemade probiotics and sprouts

Practical Life

Meals planning, grocery list preparation, pantry and fridge makeover, sticking to your menu, Time saving tips, transforming your left overs.

➢ Avenues to be healthy-on-the-go: quick cooking grains, salads-in-a-jar, 1 pot meals, 5 to 20 minutes meals, cook once-eat-twice, stock up, freeze-and-thaw.

External Beauty makeover

Weight Control (gain or loss) Clear acne and skin problem
Become radiant Become more active and fitter

Internal Beauty makeover: a Journey to self-discovery:

Control your thoughts and emotions Re-evaluate your relationship with food
Knock down your blockages Listen to the clues of your body
Become self-motivated Increase your self-esteem
Guard against anxieties and stress Develop a calmer mind
Balance your life (career, relationships) Develop a sense of purpose