Family Nourishing Food Program


all family members into the new Diet and Healthy Lifestyle!

A gradual solution to feed your family healthy and nutritious meals

Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications to support all family members into their optimal health goals, manage time, participate into meals preparation, plan meals ahead, prepare grocery lists, pick wholesome ingredients, and share meals to reinforce family values.


Eat better for feeling energized and vibrant, reduced stress, higher quality of sleep, support your busy lifestyle, as well as to prevent diseases

Have the kids more focused at school, more engaged into family cluster, and have kids actively participate into food preparation to empower them about healthy choices


By cleaning the pantry and finding healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes. By Tasting & Adding Superfood, Living Food, grains, fresh produces, herbs, and healing spices

By getting organized in the kitchen, with the right tools and a system in place

Pick and choose the health goal you want to achieve within 3 or 6 months:

I want to know/learn how to:

  • put a nutritious meal on the table, daily
  • plan my menus days in advance to avoid fast food and poor food choices
  • pack healthy lunches and snacks for my kids
  • pick which food is best for me considering my limitations with food allergens, time, money, and cooking skills

and also:

    • I want to be increase my mental alertness and focus, feel energized during the day, sleep like a baby, and manage my stress
    • I wish to be introduced to juicing, raw food, whole food, and have clean versions of your all my favorite dishes.
    • I want to learn to become independent into making the right choices for my eating habits, emotions and feelings, fitness, stress
    • I need to know someone is there for me all the way through the program, keeps me accountable, motivates me, and support me.

“Let food Be Thy Medicine” Hippocrates
“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Let’s Get Started!