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March 14, 2014 – The pie that missed the chance to win…


To celebrate pie day, kids were enthused about baking their own pie for the pie contest taking place at their school. Over 50 contestants registered. The one who could memorize the longest sequence of the pie infinite digits…could pie a teacher. My eldest actually spent time memorizing the pie number sequence, daydreaming of the pleasure he’ll get pie-ying his most resented teacher!

My daughter intended to bake, but as usual “she had too much home work” and mom ended up having to prep. it all. By 8 pm, the delicious fresh baked apple pie became unbearable for all and they started to gather around the oven.

When I took it out, they all convinced me that this pie had no chance to win because:

1. Teachers will eat so much pie that their taste buds will become numb.

2. They won’t like my pie because French baking is never sweet enough to American liking. My third child came with a brilliant idea that we should eat that apple pie for tomorrow’s breakfast and bring the other ½ to HIS SCHOOL because HIS teachers will appreciate since they have no contest going on…Ah, those kids, you can never get bored with them.