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March 25, 2014 – Teaching Young Athletes how to add Nutritious Food to their Diet

Young athletes from LMP

I’m so glad Athletic coach Stephanie Best from Lake Mary Prep Private school (Lake Mary, Florida) offered me to come on site to talk all day to kids in PE class about “good eats”. Can’t wait for Thursday March 27th, 2014 to share so many exciting news and controversies on nutrition. It’s a  challenge to pick which topic  kids would love best!

I truly enjoy talking food with kids and teenager as I feel they are more receptive to CHANGE. All our habits and foundations (good or not) develop in our childhood

At home, school, and throughout the community, kids are offered “food” as reward. We are not talking about a nutritious bite, but rather candies, pizza… an easy choice than can cause immediate short behavior change

Using food as a rewards teach kids to eat when they aren’t hungry and will likely cause to develop long term habits of comforting themselves with unhealthy food (pizza, cookies, candies, sodas, power drink, and even coffee…). Those food are “empty calories”, high in sugar, chemicals, and will likely bring a host of health issues….

Another problem arising from rewarding kids with junk is that kids may tie food to EMOTION and reward themselves (even later in life) when feeling accomplished “I did great!! So I DESERVE a double serving of cheesecake! That short pleasure will sadly have long term impact into their growing body.

One Third of kids born after the year 2000 may develop diabetes (report from Center for Disease Control), now how frightening is that! Our kids are bombarded by advertising promoting food that are NOT beneficial to them: processed food with long list of toxic ingredients causing food allergies, auto immune disorder, skin and digestive issues, and obviously the  rate of obesity is in the rise!

Whatever we eat, the ritual of eating, and even the way we chew comes from habits formed in our childhood. However, the beauty in children is that:

  1. They are more receptive to CHANGE than adults
  2. They soak new information well and are ready to implement CHANGE spontaneously
  3. If you can justify a benefit to them, they are likely to adopt a new food

Well, I’m not just throwing that; it’s true. My most popular program as a Food Coach Expert is the “Family Nourishing Program” whereby I involve the ENTIRE FAMILY into the process of cleaning up the diet, planning the meals, and introducing new food, etc…. Parents are always stunned to witness that when their kids help me in their kitchen, kids are EATING whatever they prepare!

This Saturday, I had a cooking demonstration at “the Fresh Market” in Winter Springs where I was promoting “vegetables… notably the golden and red Beets” as the stars of the day. Now believe this: 5 children ages ranging 8 to 14 ATE each a vegetarian Roll Up prepared on a leaf of Swiss Chard and stuffed with raw vegetables and nuts. While ZERO ADULT even gave it a try! Adults are the ones coming with answers such as “I don’t like beets” while kids stuffed their Roll-up with beets and ATE IT!!! And you know the best: when I start my program with families, the most common comment I get from mothers is “my kid is a picky eater, I don’t think he/she will play your game!”… Oh, I love it: life is fun and full of surprises…

So, this coming Thursday, I will provide children with easy tips and methods to incorporate more nutritious food into their diet.

My goals is also to make them aware of “food enemies” to avoid (processed, junk, added salt and sugar, and saturated fat) and “make food friends” to increase the  quality of their lives (fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, healthy fats, and plenty of water).

After all, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Let inform our new generation into making healthy food choice and healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy Life without sickness and radiate with energy!!!

kids eat healhty