Restore Your Health Program

The Restore Your Health Program is a blend of  “Health & Food Coaching”

  • For recovering from sickness
  • Reach your optimal Health goals (boost your immune system, strength, alertness…)

By staying away from harmful substances/food/toxins and introducing you to the food you NEED with the assistance of a certified Health coach.

EAT FOR LIFE ENERGY: A solution to reclaim your health, youth, and “Joie de Vivre”

Restore Your Health Program: comes in 90 days and 6 months
Ideal for those who need assistance to recover from sickness/disease (low immunity, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, cancer).

Ideal for those who want to prevent diseases and start their life together on a healthy path

Those who are obese with other underlying conditions

Those who are confused on what to eat since they suffer from food allergies/intolerances or have diabetes

Those who have digestive issues (acid reflux, constipation, ulcers, Diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease…)

How it works:
Every single aspect of your lifestyle will be evaluated, reported, and monitored all the way.

Get to the root causes of your symptoms:

We will play the detectives and remove all possible triggers that drag you down

  • poor diet
  • toxic habits, cleaning products , and environment
  • mold, pollution (air, water)
  • stress & anxiety

Simply stated, we will take out the “bad stuff” and replace them with
“things that your body needs to heal”.

You will get introduced to New ways of eating:
Introduce food rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibers, and minerals
Balance your meals all throughout the day
Diet structured with a maximum therapeutic effect
Expand your horizon of flavors and textures (beyond the sweet and the salty)
Tickle your taste buds by tasting & Adding Superfood, Living food, whole grains, herbs, and healing spices to restore your health
You will have plenty of healthy and delicious alternatives to Food Allergens and dairies
You will be introduced to a nutrient dense diet as well as juicing, smoothie making, sprouting & homemade electrolytes, healthy beverages, and fermented food, a way more!

Some examples of health goal you may want to achieve within 3 or 6 months:

  • I want to boost my immune system because I’m always fatigued and fall sick easily
  • I want to reduce inflammation in my body because I have been overweight/obese for years
  • I need to restore a healthy digestive system
  • I want to lose weight and find alternatives ways to be healthy and enjoy life without being over-medicated
  • I want to feel good all day with no aches and pains, find joy in my life and live the life I always wanted
  • I need help knowing which food is best for me considering my limitations with food allergens, time, money, and cooking skills
  • I want to learn to become independent into making the right choices for my eating habits, thinking system, fitness, stress…
  • I want to succeed following a nutritious diet by being supported, motivated, and accountable all the way through.
  • I need a comprehensive solution that incorporates all elements of my personal life, career, and life goals within the structure of program.
  • I want someone to come home to teach me how to cook nutritious meals (included in 6 month Life Transformation Program)
  • I need to get started with customized cleansing and detoxification protocol for my specific issues (ask me how)

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