Weight Loss

Tried all those fad and yoyo diets? Tired of losing and gaining it back?

Did you hit your “weight Loss plateau” or are you a victim or “weight loss resistance”

Whatever your problem, we can help you lose weight safely to become independent after the program and keep the weight of your dreams

Finally a Solution that Works, proven Safe, and Long Term:

Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications to safely lose weight, increase your energy, reduce blood pressure, improve quality of sleep , control stress, cravings, and binging.

Kiss good bye to those extra pounds and enjoy a trimmer/healthier you!


  1. Cleansing/flushing
  2. Reducing your inner inflammation and getting rid of the stored fat.
  3. Crank up your metabolism
  4. Continuous weight loss highly monitored by your personal coach.
  5.  You will never feel hungry again and have plenty of delicious meals that make you feel happy and satisfied

How it works:

  • Gradual implementation to whole food and fresh produces
  • Changing your relationship to food and making your life more fulfilling
  • Having you an active member of the success, and being followed closely
  • Tasting & Adding Superfood, Living Food, grains, herbs, healing spices to crank up your metabolism

You will eat food that will control your craving and portions naturally:

Because the food you eat will be so DENSE and PACKED with nutrients

With unlimited portions of many foods

No calorie counting

You do not have to become vegetarian or eat lettuce all day!

Pleasing side effects

  • Makes you feel and look younger
  • Feel energized , enthusiast, and more connected

Why it works:

You are an active part of the process of losing the pounds so you become empowered about:

Your food choices, your relationships to food, pay attention to your comfort food & eating habits, you become more connected/aware about why you want to binge, you get to understand which food drags you down, and you will learn how to prepare nutritious meals.

Share your Most desired Health Goals:

  • I want to crank up my metabolism
  • I want to lose weight without medication, pills, or shakes
  • I need help with portion controls, finding healthy food that fill me up
  • I want  alternatives to starvation and missing meals
  • I need help with emotional eating and binging
  • I want to love and accept the way I am
  • I want to feel more energized, sleep better, and control stressors in my life
  • I need to get started with  customized cleansing and detoxification protocol for my specific health goals (special program available*)