Gisele Sood, as a Certified  health Coach can take your life to new heights by teaching you how to care for yourself in a loving way through healthy lifestyle and nutritious food.

Food Coach Expert - Family CookingStudies show that people increase their success rates when they enlist coaching support to attain their health goals. A Food Coach Expert is trained to educate, inspire, make you accountable, and support you to achieve your ultimate health objectives. Gisele Sood “listens” to your background, relationship to food, life challenges, and expectations concerning your vision for optimum well-being.

Knowing how to eat healthy is often a trial-and error for my clients. Most of them have enrolled into numbers of yoyo – fad diets, only to regain the pounds they lost within max. 10 months .Then, I have those client who strongly believe they “eat right” .They believe they eat healthy because they drink their coconut water or chia drink, or because they switched from white to whole grain pasta, or because they eat greens for lunch. They forget to mention the junk and the processed that is still part of their daily food intake. The body however cannot recognize your efforts “for your healthy switch” and reward you for. Food matters at a cellular level: your liver constantly have to filter the Junk, fast food, and processed food that will poison you over time. You need to give your body a chance to cleanse in order to better absorb nutrients and vitamins. Eating clean & wholesome food will affect you from your blood, your arteries, the oxygen flowing in your brain, your muscles mass, all the way to your bones.

Find a package that best fits you!

Gisele’s philosophy will enlighten you on food and its impact, educate you, empower you, and have you gradually grow into changing your daily habits. You will thus drop the pounds safely and keep them off. You will find methods to prepare quick and clean dishes, plan your meals for the week, involve family members into food preparation, have the recipes that fit your lifestyle , know what to pack for lunch, and always have nutritious snacks on hand.

And the best, YOU WILL NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN! How cool is that? When you eat wholesome food and you nourish your body, your skin will glow, your energy and focus will increase, your inflammation (extra fat) will melt away, and you would then be on your journey for a healthier you!

Gisele will formulate a personalized plan that guides you step by step towards healthier food choices and better lifestyle habits. Together, we find a plan that fits your food likenesses, your food intolerance, your budget, your cooking skills, and your time available. This is important because Gisele believe into guiding you into a customized diet by prescribing recipes and feeding you tips in fitness, stress reduction, and better quality of sleep.

Gisele uses her ability to create a structure for your success. Gisele will provide you an intimate understanding of food and how to incorporate foods to create high energy and stable moods. You’ll understand ways to combine natural foods to significantly reduce or eliminate cravings. You’ll also discover new ways to manage your emotions, which will increase your ability to comfortably maintain your weight.

As you discover your body’s personal food choices they become more enjoyable, flexible and sustainable. Gisele can assist you in this process to balancing not only your foods, but also the reasons why you eat what you eat.

Food coaching is a partnership between the two of us. My role as coach is to provide guidance, support, and resources, identify blocks, and help you do the things you know in your heart you should!