Family Cooking

Family Cooking (or couples)

FAMILY NOURISHING FOOD Program to include all family members into the new Diet and Healthy Lifestyle!

When I give presentations to elementary and high schools students on food and risks of chronic diseases, I always welcome comments at the end of my presentation. Kids make predictable remarks such as:

  • I’m not fat.. so why bother?
  • Everyone in my family is big! It’s in the genes
  • Veggies taste gross

But some of them come close to me at the end and tell me "I really like what you said. Nobody cooks at home and I know we should change."

So what are your barriers to place a healthy dinner on the table?

Do you have mageirocophobia? (mouthful to pronounce..) basically the fear & anxiety for cooking.
Do you feel overwhelmed by the entire process of cooking?
Do you feel that if you try to cook something unusual, no one is going to eat it anyway?
You don’t have time and cooking is a burden?
Even if you wanted, you wonder what you are supposed to cook anyway? 
Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert

Raised and born in France, food is the centerpiece of our lives.

I also travelled in 13 countries where I developed inspirations for International cooking. Then of course, my husband is Indian and I like to hang out with a diverse crowd so possibilities for fun meals are endless. I’m versatile in many cooking techniques (spiralizer, de-hydrator, pressure cooker, steamer, all-in-1-pot dishes, etc…) and diets (even though we’ll incorporate whole diet for sure). I can teach you how to plan for a multi dish nutritional meal whatever your food likenesses are!

As long as you are open to change, the rest is a breeze.

When I consult with the entire family, it is always fun because not everyone is on board (ha ha) but it quickly becomes a family affair where everyone participates and competes,  so we have a good time and break the barriers of  cooking myths.

My Method

I’ll plan the meals according to your nutrients deficiencies, your health concerns, and your taste buds.

We can play with food you never tried. I'll teach you:

How to select recipes and organize them
How to develop grocery list according to the meal plan we will develop together
How to morph your leftovers into new dishes 
Healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes. By Tasting & Adding Superfood, Living Food, grains, fresh produces, herbs, and healing spices
How to be confident using your kitchen equipment
How to organize your pantry
How to plan, prep, and store food
Various cooking techniques

Benefits of cooking at home with family

Family that eats together, stick together
You’ll become a more mindful eater and learn to appreciate more flavors, herbs, and spices
No surprise on what’s in your food and portion control
Eating nutritious meal will keep diseases at bay and help manage everyone ‘s weight
Have the kids more focused at school and  more engaged into family cluster
When kids actively participate into food preparation, they get empowered and make healthier food  choices
Surprisingly, it doesn’t take longer to cook home versus getting your fast food. Most meals are complete within ½ hour (once you are taught how to get organized)
Also even though nutrient deficient food are CHEAPER than whole food, thrust me, in the long run, feeding your body junk, catches up with increased weight gain and underlying health issues.

My step-by-step approach...

I’ll send you intake forms to be filled up by each family member (to make me aware of restrictions with health conditions and food intolerance as well as diets you have already tried.)
I spend about 90 minutes to review your family intake forms and take note for more questions.
I meet with your family where we go for a thorough interview so I really get you!

Meeting #1: ZOOM or in person

Together we’ll discuss various topics (health, recipes, meal planning, pantry, etc…). I’ll digest all that info, then come back to you with an action plan.

Meeting #2: Customized FAMILY COOKING Session 1 (where you'll get the recipes and weekly meal plans)

You practice for 1 week exact same recipes + YOU SCHEDULE ME FOR A CALL.

Meeting #3: Customize FAMILY COOKING Session 2 (where you'll get the recipes and weekly meal plans)

You practice for 1 week exact same recipes + YOU SCHEDULE ME FOR A CALL.

Meeting #4: ZOOM or in person

YOU SCHEDULE ME FOR A CALL for a problem resolution session. Together we’ll discuss success and challenges. Diets adjustment if necessary.


If you're available and committed we can go through that entire process within 3 months



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