Weight Loss

Do you feel trapped in the vicious cycle of diet?

We age, our body changes, what we used to get away with in our tweens is now unforgivable. We exercise more, skip meals, starve, feel miserable. We go on a diet, lose weight: mostly water, maybe muscles, rarely stubborn fat. Exasperated, months later we stop the diet, gain back what we lost – repeat – repeat – pounds keep on piling on…

Not fair: No one is supposed to count calories, quit carbs and suffer to have a great body.

So why are we all fighting for that slimmer body? Many reasons:

Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert
Close to 80% of American grocery purchases consist of processed foods laden in sugar, fat, sodium and preservatives. How are we supposed to resist all those temptations with those deceiving marketers promoting “healthy, all natural, MSG/ GF free”? Marketers are also talented hiding or changing name of ingredients you would not buy otherwise … if only you would know! Nowadays, it seems you need a PHD to pick the “right “ food item in your cart.

Then, we stop having the time to cook… we feel overwhelmed by the entire process of planning, shopping, cooking, and eating slowly. Or we over-indulge on “healthy food”: eat lots of fresh fruits but not vegetables, munch on salads every day but never cook unknown vegetables, drink oversize smoothies or 1 too many glasses of wine. We have those pre-conceived notions that healthy food isn’t Yummy…

We train our taste buds to crave food that crush our goals and mess with our hormones, thus send messages to our body to store fat.

We are extremely confused on how to eat, when to eat, which meal replacement to take, whether to skip breakfast or go with intermittent fasting, whether to eat small meals 5/day, whether to go paleo or Keto Eating.

But what about you who is doing everything “right”? You exercise, eat better than others, drink water but pile on pounds year by year. Could you be suffering from metabolic syndrome?

That is where I come to the rescue!

I will help you navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice and assist you to determine what adjustment are necessary for you to take it slow, develop an amicable relationship with food, rejoice to eat, enjoy each bite, and feel comfortable cooking simple meals that you can be proud of.

Once you gain confidence again with the way you eat and are in tune with your body, you will develop new mental connections that would sound more like:
food = healthy pleasure.. guilt free
Once you learn the art of eating well, you will reach an optimal health, which ultimately will bring you energy, radiance, and balance. Something sustainable: you learn, you live, and never look back!

As a health coach and life warrior...

...I will guide you with all the above

Also, I will share my mastery of making food you would never suspect, taste delicious

Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert

Because you are biologically and genetically UNIQUE and YOU were impacted by a myriad of life experiences and exposures: thus I will design a lifestyle Plan that works for you!

Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert

I will guide you onto a tweaked lifestyle that will serve you better with a wholesome approach to holistic health and a balanced lifestyle

Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert


I will guide you onto a tweaked lifestyle that will serve you better with a wholesome approach to holistic health and a balanced lifestyle

Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert

I would be honored to serve you and guide you into your better life. My goal is to empower you.


Accelerated 8 weeks programs: those who are starved for information and hyper-motivated
3 and 6 months programs: Habits take time and effort to change. We’ll talk every other week and…

INVEST into your health – be authentic – be you


Crank up Your Metabolism
Balance your macronutrients
Learn meal planning, groceries shopping, and selecting recipes
Exercise less and more effectively
Learn to eat Intuitively
Manage Cravings and Binging
Get Rid of stubborn Fat
Get rid of toxic food (food allergens, sugar)
Reach for healthy bites When Emotional
Improve Digestive Health thus flatten your belly
Optimize Your Lifestyle
Prepare Easy Meals
Increase Your Self-esteem
Keep Weight Off

Every program will happen in this order:


30-minute call to chat to see if we are a match


The Start: Hire me for a discovery package (Purchase Here)


You send your intake form for my review


I call you for 1 Hour to gain a deeper understanding of root causes of your problems


I’ll create a customized report for you


Let's commit and make changes:

Hire me to dig deep and select your package:


You purchase your plan and then we follow steps 3 to 6


You’ll schedule to talk to me every week


We are now partners and will work together at your own rhythm to make lasting changes

How my coaching services and accountability system work:

You will be exposed to Super-food, Living food, grains, fresh produces, herbs and healing spices.

You will be introduced to food rich in nutrients, fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

You will expand your cooking skills from stir fry, steaming, roasting, wrap making, pressure cooking.

You will also be introduced to whole food, juicing, smoothies making, raw food.

You will learn to manage food cravings, heal your relationship with food, reset your mind.

You will  be introduced to diverse breathing techniques based on needs (sleep, stress, anxiety).

Through those programs, your coach will always motivate you, keep you accountable, and support you.

Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert

I will work with you to foster healing, optimize your health, and increase your well-being

I respect the fact you are unique in every way so each wellness plan I develop is as unique as you are

You came at the right place, I can’t wait to meet you!

Join Weight Loss Program Now!

What are you waiting for?

Your body is your temple: you just have One: treat it with love and respect.

Take ownership of your Life and make sustainable changes NOW!

You will never regret being healthier, feeling happier and energized.

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Discovery Package

  • Review of your intake form and Health History
  • 60-90 minutes lifestyle consultation
  • Customized report

1-to-1 consultation with Gisele

1 Hour Weekly

1/2 Hour Weekly

1/2 Hour Weekly

Crisis phone calls

Goals setting & tracking

Customized Diet Plan

Text & Email support

Implement lifestyle changes

New skills, habits, and mindsets

Daily accountability

Lots of Love and support

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Get the solution to turn into a fat burning machine  by incorporating Key ingredients suggested in guide

Boost your metabolism by using my selection of natural ingredients

Burn fat by incorporating specific spices, roots, and protein


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