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Gisele Sood - Food Coach Expert

I don’t know about you but if I can’t find a great gift for someone I care I would rather write a meaningful hand written card and gift a basket of fresh produces.

How many times did you end up with presents you really don’t see any use of it that end up in your re-gifting basket or worst, months later in the trash? Or what about when you can’t recall what x or y gifted you? No wonder…when gift are meaningless or mainstream, we tend to forget.

To me, gifting is an opportunity to show I care and no matter my budget, the goal is always to please.

 My ultimate and winning goal is to find the very special gift that either inspires someone to take the path of well being or to introduce someone to a product that they will keep for years and truly enjoy. 

Gifting something that pleases or arouses one of our 5  main senses always ends up to become a personable gift. That is why I’m offering you a few gift ideas that are eco-friendly, soothing, and healing. 

So let’s find that gift: Close your eyes, take a long breathe, visualize the recipient of the gift , and think in terms of what that person is more sensitive to: the sense of smell, touch, sight, hearing, or taste?

Thrust me, thinking deeply about someone will gear you in the right direction in getting inspired for the “right present”.

I will share a few ideas that I tried over the years and that from experience came rated as “loved it” or even better “payback gift” meaning the gift was so appreciated that the giftee keeps on buying the same item received to gift to others.

So, instead of giving gifts that will only sabotage the waistline or end up in the trash, allow this  year 2020 to be the year to be remembered for: give a meaningful & sensory gift!

The Touch

Bamboo Bedsheets: The Sensual Luxury

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

If you know someone that loves to lounge for extended period of time in their bed, bamboo bedsheet may be the answer. There are environmentally friendly and sustainable which sends a good vibe for those who care about our environment. The day you’ll wrap yourself with bamboo bedsheets, there is no coming back to another textile. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics available in the world and are lightweight. I have personally slept in silk and I feel bamboo is more comfortable and supremely soft .

Bamboo bed sheets are also a great alternative for people with medical conditions such as allergies or bad immune system. This is because bamboo has several antibacterial properties that enable it to eliminate and repel any bacteria that might damage the grass itself. Once this bamboo has been transformed into a sheet, it still maintains these antibacterial qualities.

If you know anyone struggling from menopause, a woman may thank you forever for receiving that bamboo bedsheet set since the fabric soaks up moisture 4 times more that cotton so imagine the relief for night sweats! Bamboo can be cooling or help keep in the warmth as the fabric can easily adjust to body temperatures. 

The Smell

 Essential Oils

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

Essential oils are a fantastic healthy gift idea because those oils not only smell great, are derived from plants, but they can also address some medical conditions. You can purchase a kit that comes with the most commonly use oils or purchase blends of various oils packed  in 1 bottle with a specific purpose (anxiety, sleep aid, romantic, focus, wrinkles reduction, hunger control…) 

Some of the smells are very intoxicating. For instance I came to adore ylang ylang  so much as I tested it once to reduce inflammation. The smell is so sensual to me that now, I make my DYO hair serum with macadamia oil infused with ylang ylang. 

Over the years, so many great products have been created to enjoy the benefits of essential oils: you can thus gift bracelets or earrings so your friend can  diffuse jewelry with their favorite scent (you can change cotton pads with different oils.) You could also gift a gemstone bead bracelets that use lava stone (porous stones that  hold the scent!)

If you want someone to enjoy an essential oil for an extended period of time or to diffuse a scent to an entire room, you can gift an essential oil diffusor. They come in all shapes and colors. Some have LED lights and music incorporated. Your options are unlimited!

The Sight

My Programs

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

Give the ultimate gift of HEALTH and Visualize that person you love feeling more energized, losing weight, feeling happier…

 If you know anyone dear to you who struggles with weight for years, someone who deals with food allergens, digestive issues, chronic diseases, or in need of lifestyle improvement: Gisele, the Food Coach Expert offers coaching plan where you beloved will work 1:1 with a holistic coach to achieve positive life transformation . Check her out here: LINK

Rock Salt Lamp: A Mood Buster!

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

Those dimmable lamps are pleasing to the eyes as when you plug it on your night stand, it give out a warm, reddish-pink glow. This salt therapy offers holistic and homeopathic healing with hand carved home decor; Some people notice that using that lamp eases anxiety, creates romantic ambiance, improves sleep, and cleans the air. But even if someone is not skeptical to all those health benefits, the sole soothing visual effect of that lamp is all worth it. 

I personally love to gift the “night light rock salt” as they fit right in into perfect stocking stuffers. You can also use Himalayan salt as decorative item such as placing a basket of salt crystals or candle holder in someone favorite’s room. Even when not lit, those salt crystals are beautiful!

The Hearing

 Covering up what you don’t want to hear with White Noise Machine.

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

One item that has increasingly become very popular since our COVID 19 pandemic are White Noise machines and Apps. If you know someone who can’t concentrate well in his/her office because that person has to share space with the kids and the spouse working from home, that machine may be a solution to mask the sounds we would rather not hear. Sharing close quarters also add lots of unexpected stress which the white noise devise helps to control since the user can select sounds like rainfall, frogs at night, chimes chiming, ocean waves ...  The repetitive, consistent sound is easy for the brain to ignore other unwanted sounds that raise and fall. Of course, white noise come in very handy if the giftee has a snoring partner since the white noise will reduce the snoring noise and distract the person who is trying to sleep. A good night sleep is always crucial for health as that is the time the body heals itself and regenerates.

Share Your Tunes (yes it’s free but it’s a thoughtful gesture):

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

If you want to trigger an emotion or be remembered in a certain way, you can always share a playlist. That becomes easy if you know someone well as you could share some songs you both like and could sing together. Personally, I like sending playlists of healing as meditation aids. I thus like to recommend sounds such as Tibetan bowls, whale sounds, or binaural beats.

There is definitely a sound for everyone’s pleasure or emotion.

The Taste

Tongue Cleanser: a perfect stocking stuffer for those who may need help curb their cravings.

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

The tongue cleaner is an inexpensive yet transformative utensil. If you know someone who struggles craving for the same food, that tool will help by cleaning the tongue and leftover food. Indeed, when the mouth can still taste the food, one may experience cravings for previously eaten foods. A tongue cleaner reverses the process of desensitizing one’s taste buds. Also, it allows to taste more subtle flavors in food so that the user can eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains with greater joy. Finally, another big advantage is that it enhances kissing because it makes the tongue more sweet, fresh and sensitive. 

Infusor Water Bottle

Food Coach Expert - Wellness Holiday Gifts

If you know someone who “forgets to drink”, that infused bottle may be the perfect present. Keeping hydrated is essential for health as our brain alone contains 90% water. Water is needed for our organs (to protect and to better absorb nutrients), detoxifies, and helps metabolism. I generally suggest my clients to drink ½ their body weight in water in ounces + more if they exercise or it’s very hot.  So if someone weights 200 lb, that person shall drink 100 oz water/day. Yet, many people would rather drink flavored water (that contain sugar or harmful chemicals) and that is why I love those bottles: a solution to get motivated to drink more water that taste good. Your friend can add aromatic herbs (mint, basil), roots (ginger, turmeric), fruits (lemons, strawberries), cucumber or even edible flowers! Your friend will surely finds an ingredients that tickles his/her taste buds; it’s all about experimenting. Make sure to select a bottle that is BPA free!

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